Chapter 1: Escape from the Swamp (IPFS)

In March 2023, 10K Apes escaped the swamp (IPFS) with only the fur on their backs to adopt new identities. With fully "on-chain" artwork, Indelible Apes offer social commentary, permanently etched on chain as ERC-721 tokens.


Chapter 2: The Pixel Prophecy

New protocols, ever-increasing chains of data, and the fervent pace of digital culture have rendered the Apes' once-familiar NFT landscape almost unrecognizable. Amidst these shifts, whispers of The Pixel Prophecy have begun to circulate, a revelation that their digital existence would need to branch, not out of fear or threat, but as a means to fully harness the spectrum of opportunity their world has to offer. While recognizing the original Indelible Apes (erc721, 24x24 px) as the anchors of their culture, the prophecy foretells a lighter, more agile form (12x12 px) that will empower the Apes to move more freely through rapidly evolving digital channels and act as pioneers in uncharted territories.

Ethscriptions - A New Adventure

In the spirit of on-chain innovation, the Indelible Apes story is evolving with "Ethscriptions" an emerging protocol that leverages the calldata ("memo" field) of an Ethereum transaction to store artwork on-chain!

Our Ethscriptions are reductive reinterpretations that distill the essence and personality of each original 24x24 px Ape onto a minimalist 12x12 px canvas. It's an exercise in constraint, where every pixel must speak volumes.

Public Ethscription Is Live!
Existing ERC721 owners could connect their wallet to Ethscribe Apes during the holders phase (Expired).
As the next chapter unfolds, the Indelible Apes beckon the world to witness this symbiotic simian dance between legacy and innovation. This isn't just an on-chain PFP; it's the evolution of NFTs, the desire to do more, be more and create more, immortalized indelibly on the blockchain.